Mobile phones are ever evolving and so are their accessories. As smartphones become more intelligent and are able to carry out impressive commands and searches for information, features that would have been unthinkable a mere five or ten years ago, mobile phone accessories need to keep up. 

It seems that every other month there is a new, must-have mobile phone accessory; however, are they all as good as they claim to be? Below we look at the best and the worst mobile phone accessories, some are useful and broaden what you can do with your smartphones and others, well, don’t.

Exploring Mobile Phone Accessories

Thumb Extender - The thumb extender does exactly what it says on the packet, it extends your thumb. The idea behind this is that by extending your thumb you are able to use some of the larger screened smartphones with ease and increased reachability. However, this mobile phone accessory is one of the worst; it is not impressive, it doesn't generally make the smartphone easier to use and you are likely to look a little bizarre using it.


iPhone Pants - iPhone Pants are possibly one of the more useless of all iPhone accessories; they are quite literally, underwear for your phone. Though they have no purpose or use, they can provide a laugh to friends and family and do work on a customisation level to give your mobile phone a personal touch.


Selfie Stick - The selfie stick has been one of the top mobile phone accessories in recent months and you don't have to wait too long around any tourist destination until you see someone using one. This product is one of the best accessories on the market as it allows individuals to take selfies that include a vast background and maybe even the odd landmark on show; it has put an end to having to ask someone the dreaded question "would you mind taking a photo for us?" when there is no one else around to do so.


Portable Batteries - One of the main criticisms of smartphones is their poor battery life. With so much to do on today's mobile phones and the sheer amount of time we spend on them, it comes as no surprise that often we find ourselves out and about when the battery runs out. Portable batteries allow you to charge your smartphone on the go, anywhere and at any time and help is combat the problem of being phone-less without warning.

Accessorise Your Mobile Phone and Keep It Safe

With so many great, and not so great, mobile phone accessories available we are using our smartphones and gadgets more now than we ever have, and sadly this can lead to damages, theft and loss. Contact us today to ensure your mobile phone or gadget is safely covered at all times. Get a quote here.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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