I’m On The Phone

Times have changed at such a pace in the world of telephone technology and with it have come changes in telephone etiquette. Telephone conversations used to happen in the privacy of peoples own homes or in enclosed red boxes on street corners and the last thing you’d want is for someone to overhear your private conversation.

Not now, on every train, bus, street corner, shopping centre and even in restaurants there are people having conversations on the end of a phone and they don’t care who is listening.

Most surprisingly, to me and others who grew up with phones being fixed to the end of a wire, these conversations are often quite intimate; nothing seems out of bounds to discuss on your mobile phone.

Arguments, flirting, work proposals, what’s needed from the supermarket; all of these topics are now seen as perfectly appropriate to share with the world around you, often as loudly as possible!

Perhaps it’s a good thing and people are less inhibited about what they talk about and in front of whom, personally I think there is nothing worse being stuck next to somebody having a long in-depth conversation about who fancies who and what happened at last Saturday nights party. It seems an intrusion of my space and an intrusion into their lives as well.

But perhaps it is most frustrating as you can only hear one side of the conversation and really as they’ve got you involved anyway you’d like to hear it all!

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