How To Care For Your iPhone 5s

Whether you splash out £500, £600 or £700 plus on the new iPhone 5s, or opt for slightly more palatable monthly payments, you’ll want to take care of this expensive piece of kit. Aluminium and glass play a huge part in its incredible good looks, which unfortunately are both prone to scratching and marking.

Where will your phone spend most of its time?

First things first, will your phone have a whole pocket to itself or will it loll around in the depths of your handbag? If it’s the former, then it will fare better than the latter, but won’t be totally immune to the odd knock or scratch.

If it is to reside in your handbag for any length of time, it will not be alone. As well as knocking about with your purse, hairbrush, make up bag, keys and all manner of incredibly useful objects, the introduction of your hand to retrieve any of these said items will also endanger its good looks. Let’s just say a frantic delve into your bag for your purse at a checkout, may resemble the effects of a spin cycle as far as its contents are concerned. Basically your phone is in for a real battering. With that in mind, it needs immediate protection if it’s going to survive this chaotic mode of transport for any length of time.

Adding a protective layer

iPhone cases are worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping your phone looking shiny and new. As there are so many options available, it really comes down to personal taste and durability.

So what are the options? From films and plastic cases to leather, rubber and wood, yes even wood, there’s a case in just about every material imaginable. Films and transparent polycarbonate shells offer protection, whilst allowing the pleasing aesthetics of the iPhone’s design to remain apparent. Whereas full cases conceal the entire phone and keep it completely safe. Some even combine hidden pockets for credit cards as well. Handy.

Others cases are shock-resistant and protect against rain, dirt and vibration, and some use a sliding mechanism to reveal the phone, whilst providing extended battery life. Many are themed, such as the LEGO builder case which lets you attach LEGO bricks to its surface. Yes this really does exist. And of course there are lively patterned cases and ones that glow in the dark. The choice is endless.

A bit of spit ‘n polish

Well not literally, don’t whatever you do use spit or furniture polish to clean your iPhone 5s. Phones usually have coatings to help with static and glare that cleaning products will remove. They may also get inside the phone and upset its functionality.

To regain your iPhone 5s’ just-bought sparkle, simply give it a buff with a microfiber cloth. These are much more effective than say, your sleeve or a tissue and will not scratch. Optical microfiber cloths are also great to use as well.

The rest as they say is down to you. A little care and attention and your iPhone 5s will shine long after the next model is in the stores.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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