What Apps Come With The iPhone 5s?

Well, Apple’s App Store has over 900,000 apps covering work, rest and play, oh and not forgetting fitness. And you will of course be able to access this overwhelming range with the new iPhone 5s.

Hello iOS 7

But more excitingly, in line with the iPhone 5s’ new operating system, the iOS 7, developers have gone all out to create new and improved versions of their apps to utilise its features.

Built-in apps

So what comes already installed? The iOS 7 has a smart and super quick interface allowing you to easily access the phone’s built-in apps. These include familiar apps such as the camera, photos, music, messages, mail, maps, video, timer, calculator and torch. Also Safari for web browsing, FaceTime for video or just audio calls, Passbook for scanning and storing copies of your tickets, boarding passes and coupons. And not forgetting Siri.

The voice of reason

For those of you who have become attached to Siri, and quite frankly couldn’t function without it, don’t worry it’s still very much on board. He or she, depending on your preference and selection, will continue to help you in whatever iPhone related or daily endeavour you face.

The new iOS 7 has also made Siri more indispensible than ever. This handy feature is activated by holding down the Home button and is happy to write texts, make calls or set up reminders for you.

The power of three

One of the iPhone 5s’ new features allows you to download three apps simultaneously. This is perfect for the impatient amongst you! And if more apps take your fancy, they just form an orderly queue and download when it’s their turn.

Work if you have to

Undoubtedly with so many devices at our fingertips, work spills into our social life more than ever before. We are now so accustomed to being able to access emails and tweak work documents on the go, that apps which help with this are crucial.

Although the new iPhone 5s doesn’t come with preinstalled versions of Apple’s alternatives to Microsoft Office, they are free to download on all newly purchased iPhones. These include Numbers, similar to Excel, Pages for word processing and Keynote, which is similar to PowerPoint. So that’s work taken care of.

The sky’s the limit

For peace of mind, the iPhone 5s allows you to back up documents to iCloud. Not only are they safe should your iPhone have an off day, but this means they are also accessible via a web browser or any other compatible devices.

New and improved apps

As we said, developers have been busy developing apps to make the most of the iPhone 5s’ new operating system. These include Twitter, Evernote, eBay, Netflix and many more.

With such a huge range of apps available in the App Store, if it’s not already on the iPhone 5s, it will more than likely be available to download. You know the catchphrase: there’s an app for that. And generally there is.

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