All You Need To Know About The New iPhone 5s

In a nutshell, the iPhone 5s is not that far removed from its predecessor. However, it does offer a slightly, yes only slightly better battery life, a new CPU, a new innovative Touch ID and a better high-end camera.

So what new features will you get for your hefty monthly plan or outlay of £500+ for the 16GB, £600+ for the 32GB or £700+ for the 64GB model?


The latest version is still aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to hold, but we are talking Apple here, so we’d expect nothing less. However, as with all beautiful things, its aluminium and glass body will benefit from a protective cover to keep it looking smart.

As with any new model, be it a car or trainer, new colour ways instantly identify it as the latest and most coveted version. The new iPhone 5s comes in space grey, silver or champagne.


Weighing in at 112g, it seems to have undergone some weight-loss, which is no bad thing. And its dimensions of 123.8 x 6 x 7.6mm make for a comfortable hold.

Home button

Design-wise, this really does deserve a mention. The iconic home button is now encased with a silver ring instead of a square. But more importantly, it’s the key to Touch ID or fingerprint scanning.

Touch ID

Although great for security, entering a passcode every time you want to access your phone can get irritating. So the iPhone 5s’ innovative fingerprint scanner is a revelation. It’s easy to set up and once done, you simply press the Home button with your finger and viola, you’re in. Of course, the passcode feature is still available for those who prefer this method.

The Touch ID also comes in handy when purchasing from iTunes as an alternative to using your iTunes password.


The iSight camera is pretty comparable to those of other leading smartphones currently on the market, such as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. That is to say, it’s the iPhone’s best camera yet.

The new UI (user interface) and oomph delivered by the phone’s A7 chip allow the camera to combine taking three shots to deliver its best picture. The UI also enables you to easily navigate between modes, including those most suitable for social networks, panoramic, Slo-mo and video. The iPhone 5s’ new and improved CPU also aids the shutter speed and new burst mode, as well as locking exposure and focus.


Battery life is a real bugbear on all smartphones. Unfortunately if you were hoping for amazing news on extended battery life with the iPhone 5s, then you’re going to be disappointed. There is some good news however. One improvement sees not quite so much of a drain on the battery when the iPhone 5s is on standby and another improvement means it recharges incredibly quickly.

All in all, being the latest to the iPhone range, the iPhone 5s is undoubtedly the best. That is until Apple releases a new model.

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