The new IPhone 5S and 5C

If you always thought that owning an iPhone was just about the design, think again. The new iPhone 5S proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is also about function and enjoying the experience of being an iPhone owner too. It’s also a bit about status as almost everyone wants to own the latest iPhone as it emerges.

The new 5S

The main features that make it worth the upgrade are the iTouch which allows you to access your phone via your fingerprint. Your fingerprint becomes your’password’ on this new version. It allows you to log-on bypassing your pin and to download and purchase apps and access iTunes. This also keeps all your data safe as only your fingerprint can access it.

Its iSight camera has additional features powered by the A7 chip and its wider aperture for more light means that photos are clearer and more defined. TrueTone flash really improves low light images too.

It also has a ‘burst mode’ which captures 10 continuous images while you hold down the shutter and selects the ones you might like best. The new SlowMotion feature lets you shoot HD video at 120 frames per second. The beauty is you can play back selected sections at a quarter of the speed.

A7 chip and M7 processor

The A7 chip means the 5S is twice as fast as its predecessor the iPhone 5. It comes loaded with iOS7 to benefit from all its features too. Reviewers confirm that battery life is similar to the iPhone 5.

The M7 with built in motion-tracking is ready for newly developed apps coming the iPhone’s way. The new 5S is also able to connect to a wider range of Wi-Fi options.

Winning feature

iTouch which not only makes it easier to use but also keeps your data secure – no one else can access it. Your fingerprint data is stored only on your phone not anywhere else.

So it’s mostly in your experience of using the new 5S where it wins out.

iPhone 5C

The most noticeable design factor of the iPhone 5C is the colour and the fact that it is made from plastic – sturdy polycarbonate that doesn’t feel like plastic – but never-the-less plastic.

According to reviews the 5C is similar to the iPhone 5: it is the same size give or take with the same functions though it does come ready installed with the all singing and dancing iOS7 operating system.

It is about £100 cheaper than the flagship 5S. What they have in common is the iOS7 and a wider range of Wi-Fi options.

The bright colours will attract some younger users and maybe some who want to ’break in’ to the iPhone market. We imagine the real experience connoisseurs will want to go for the 5S.

Does the 5C have the ‘experience’ edge? The jury’s out at the moment.

Whichever your choice, these phones certainly cannot be called budget phones. Their price tags still put them at the top of the range. So protect yours by making sure you have adequate iPhone insurance just in case of worse case scenarios.

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