10 years ago (maybe less) we would find it hard to believe how incredibly reliant we’d become on the simple mobile phone. The days when a text message was no more than 40 or 50 characters long and upon opening it slowly crawled across the tiny screen for what seemed like an eternity.

Now, the idea of a standard text message seems positively archaic when we have a multitude of instant messaging applications with the capabilities of sending symbols, pictures and videos, as well as the actual words themselves.

But what else do we heavily rely on when it comes to our smartphones?

The Internet

Of course without our access to the world wide web, many of us would simply be lost, and to be able to have it on the go is sheer technological genius. We can catch up on the latest news stories, check our emails and share our thoughts and images via social media platforms in the blink of an eye.

The Camera

In the rise of digital photography came the inspirational notion that a camera and a phone could be combined. For quick snaps on holidays or nights out, having your high mega-pixel camera with its excellent flash and plethora of editing programs to hand is nothing short of essential in today’s society.


Location is everything. People are now able to track (to the precise position) where they are at the click of a button and also follow where their friends and family are via fabulous smartphone technology, which works like a satellite navigation system.

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