What Are the Best Types of Phone Cases?

For many of us, life without a smartphone has become all but unimaginable. They are our prized possession, our inseparable companion - and we want to cherish and protect them accordingly.

Phone cases have become a must-have accessory for smartphone owners keen to give their devices a little extra protection against life’s bumps and spills - while, of course, making something of a fashion statement. It is fair to say that the choice in cases available now far outweighs the phones themselves, such is the variety in styles, designs and materials out there.

But the question is - which are the best? Like many things in life, answering that question is largely subjective, and depends on a combination of personal preferences and what your priorities for a phone case are. That said, there is no harm in offering some friendly advice in narrowing the choices down. So that’s exactly what we’ll aim to do here - set out what we consider to be the best phone case options for three different purposes.

Best for protection

First and foremost, people look to phone cases to add an extra layer of protection to their precious devices. After all, smartphones are not the most durable things in the world - a simple fumble can easily lead to a cracked screen, a shattered casing or a damaged camera lens, triggering an expensive repair bill.

If you really do want to wrap your phone in cotton wool (or actually, something much better), then a rugged case is the way to go. Manufactured from materials such as ionised rubber, hardened polycarbonate, aluminium and even wood, rugged cases are designed to offer robust impact protection, and are often water resistant, too. The downside is that they add a lot of bulk to your phone - great for avoiding cracks and scrapes, not so great for your pocket.

Most versatile

You are probably already familiar with the slimline plastic versions that arguably pass for the default phone case these days. They are all well and good - until you realise that the brittle plastic cracks just as easy as your phone when you drop it. In a similar style, a much more reliable option is a soft silicone case. 

Offering great value, soft silicone actually offers better protection to your phone because there is a degree of ‘bounce’ in the material. Many people like the feel of the silicone in their hand and suggest it gives them better grip. For those who are keen to keep their phones slimline, ultra-thin varieties are available which add barely any noticeable bulk. And finally, silicone cases are just perfect for that other reason everyone wants a phone case - for printing whatever design it is that takes your fancy.

Best for style

Finally, we know this is dangerous territory to step into - everyone has their own views on what is and isn’t stylish, and hey, some of you out there might honestly feel that a shark-shaped day-glo case is the very definition of cool. But for a timeless look that you can’t really go wrong with, a folio case is hard to beat. Designed to look for all intents and purposes like a wallet (many even come with card slots inside), folding folio cases often come in leather (real or faux) or woven material varieties, offering a solid level of protection coupled with a tidy, sophisticated appearance.

Of course, no case is going to guarantee 100% protection for your smartphone in every circumstance. If you really do want to cover your back, check out our excellent value mobile insurance - starting at just £1.49 a month, it is cheaper than a case anyway!

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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