What's the Best Camera Phone For You?

Camera phones have come in a lot in the past 5 years. We’ve gone from small, grainy
snapshots to full-on 4K and stunning dual-lens portrait shots. Yet for many people, a top-of-
the-range camera will be overkill.

Do you need the latest model, or could you get perfectly good snaps from an older mobile

iPhone Camera Quality
Apple’s iPhones have long been known for their superb photo quality, although it’s fair to say
that other manufacturers are catching up. Still, Apple’s reliability and consistency -- and the
quality of its hardware -- means that many people still reach for an iPhone when they want a
camera that performs well.
The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are Apple’s current flagships, and both take stunning pictures;
the portrait mode uses two lenses to bring the foreground into sharp detail, thanks to optical
rather than digital zoom. If you have kids, you can be sure that this is the best option for
shots you can frame for grandparents.
Used iPhones are still worth considering; the iPhone 7 also has dual cameras, while the
iPhone 5S and 6 still take perfectly good shots with just one rear-facing camera. If you don’t
need to take snapshots of people, and you’re looking for good value, the iPhone 6 strikes a
good balance.
But if you want the latest and greatest, a shiny new iPhone might be the best option for you.

Android Phone Cameras
Android phones historically had pretty poor cameras; their reputation was marred by cheap
devices that skimped on ‘luxuries’ like decent lenses.
However, big brands have stepped up their game, and some Android phones now rival the
iPhone for picture quality -- even if you buy used, not new.
Google’s Pixel range offers good photo quality. Both the Pixel 2 and the original Pixel have
good colour balance. Crucially, Google did a great job of getting pictures in low light to look
less noisy than some previous handsets carrying its brand name.
Samsung, as always, is worth a mention. The S9 and S9+ both have variable apertures to
tackle that low light noise problem. But if you’re on a budget, you can get a used Samsung
S8 for a much lower price and achieve excellent quality pictures with the same aperture lens.

However, Android phones are coming on in leaps and bounds, so a new device could be a
good investment.

Do You Really Need a High-Spec Camera?
If you don’t take photos to print, and you mainly use your camera outdoors in the daytime,
you probably don’t need to splash out on the latest phone with fancy lenses and advanced
features you may never use.
A used mobile phone will give you good enough pictures to share on social media. And let’s
face it: that’s all some of us use our phones for anyway.
As with all tech purchases, buying a used mobile phone is about balancing quality and
features, and you might be better off prioritising more useful features and compromising on
the camera a little.

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