Most of us have got through life wearing relatively inexpensive wristwatches. If our watch broke, we’d take it to a repair shop, or buy a new one.

But with wearable technology becoming commonplace, the nature and purpose of the wristwatch has changed. In 2018, manufacturers are expected to sell 141 million smartwatches worldwide.

Apple is one of the leading innovators in smart watch technology, and its latest Series 3 cellular watch can even make and receive calls like a smartphone. They’re becoming part of our daily lives, and they cost hundreds of pounds.

You have your phone insured -- is it time to insure your watch too?

The Risks of Wearing a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are also, by their nature, delicate devices. As you move around, you probably bash your watch on different surfaces by accident. A heavy blow can crack the screen within a split second.

Even setting your watch down to charge can be risky. If it flips over, falls of the desk, or is accidentally trodden on, it may not survive the ordeal. We’ve even heard of smartwatches being gnawed on by the family dog.

And just like a phone, smartwatches can be very prone to moisture damage. The real problem with smartwatches is their proximity to your hand -- the part of the body that’s most likely to come into contact with water.

Some smartwatches are water-resistant, but many are not, and it’s surprisingly easy to go swimming without realising you’re wearing one.

What About Theft?

With their large, light-up screens, smartwatches never fail to stand out. Most are also larger than regular watches. They’re easy to spot, and difficult to conceal.

Over time, you get so used to wearing a watch that you don’t think about the potential for someone to snatch it while you’re looking the other way.

Most smartwatches do have security features that are designed to discourage theft. But for a determined thief, a smartwatch could still be a lucrative item; the strap on an Apple Watch is worth £50 all by itself.

If you’ve ever had your phone stolen, you’ll know how frustrating and disruptive it is. With smartwatches increasingly holding personal data, the consequences of theft, damage, and unauthorised calls can be costly and inconvenient.

What Does Smartwatch Insurance Cover?

Smartwatch insurance gives you that all-important peace of mind when wearing your expensive watch out and about.

You no longer have to worry about loss or theft, and you can wear your watch anywhere without having to constantly check it for damage.

Even if the strap breaks and your watch falls off, or you accidentally leave it behind after a dip in the pool, smartwatch insurance will cover you.

And, yes -- a good policy will cover you if your kids decide to drop it in the toilet. That’s surely worth paying for!

Insure Your Smartwatch Now With’s excellent smartwatch insurance includes international cover, 24-hour replacements, and unlimited repairs. You just pay one manageable monthly fee, and that’s it: you’re covered.

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