5 reasons to insure your boiler

If you own your own home, taking care of your boiler should be top of your priority list. Keeping the boiler serviced, the pipes descaled, and watching out for low pressure will all keep the boiler working well.

Boiler insurance offers additional peace of mind. It usually covers all repairs that need to be carried out, and it usually also covers the cost of an annual service.

But why is boiler insurance so important?

Having No Hot Water is Miserable

Every busy family home needs hot water, day and night. There’s nothing worse than trying to wash your hair under a cold shower, or trying to clean the kids with a cold flannel or sponge.

In the winter, it’s a guaranteed way to catch a chill, too. How long could you live without your boiler if the worst happened?

If you’re insured, it’s highly unlikely that you’d be left without hot water in an emergency boiler breakdown.

Boiler Repairs Can Be Expensive

How much does a boiler repair cost? There’s no easy answer to this. But when you add up the cost of diagnosis, parts, and the engineer’s time to fix the problem, you could be looking at a four-figure bill.

When you consider the fact that a boiler back pack up literally overnight, it’s a massive amount of money to find with no notice at all.

A good insurance policy will cover you for as much as £5,000 in boiler repairs.

Winter Call-Outs are Slow and Costly

If you call out a boiler engineer as an emergency, you could pay them over one hundred pounds to look at your boiler at short notice. That’s not all; you could wait from a few hours to a few days before they actually show up.

It’s worth getting your boiler insured and serviced in the summer to avoid the long waiting times in the winter months. Your insurer will help you to arrange this.

Boiler Insurance Saves Time

Getting a broken boiler fixed can be a real chore. You’ll have to find out who’s available to look at the problem, and then hope that you’ve found a good engineer that isn’t a scammer.

With boiler insurance, you’ll normally be allocated a repair engineer from the insurer’s own approved team. So once you report the boiler fault to them, you can sit back and relax. Forget ringing around, comparing quotes, and asking for recommendations.

Boiler Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

Boiler insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Your cover will be priced based on your own personal circumstances, including your home and the model of boiler you have.

So if you’ve read online that it’s pricey, it’s still worth getting a quote that’s tailored to you, whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord. offer 24-hour emergency claims, and unlimited claims once you’re a customer. Parts and labour are included, and we don’t charge for call-outs once you’re insured with us. Prices start at £6.19 a month.

Get a quote for boiler insurance now and benefit from peace of mind all year round.

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