4 reasons you need insurance for your camera

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all patiently waiting for the big day (well, trying to). Living in a world ruled by technology, it’s likely you’ll receive something electronic this Christmas.

Many people don’t even think about insuring their electronics, assuming they’ll keep an extra eye on them at all times. But in this day and age, insurance is essential. Especially for more expensive gadgets like cameras.

 Whether you use your camera for recreational or professional use here are 4 reasons to get it insured:

Photography is expensive

Put simply, cameras can be costly. Especially if you’ve invested in a DSLR camera. The higher the resolution, the higher the cost.

Accidents can happen

Set the scene, you’re setting up the camera on a pile of rocks on the beach trying to take a picture of the beautiful sunset before you. You sneeze and accidentally lose your grip; the camera falls and shatters on the rocks below. Although there are now accessories like neck and wrist straps to avoid incidents like this, they’re not 100% reliable.  

You cannot control other’s actions

Whether you’re out and about or even in your own home, your camera is always at risk of being stolen. Although safety procedures can be taken, the best guarantee you can have is insurance should anything happen.

An elephant never forgets, but you might

Everybody makes mistakes and even the most alert people tend to forget things. If you’re distracted or in a rush, it’s not impossible that you could leave your camera somewhere public where it cannot be retrieved.

At the end of the day, we all take photographs and know that capturing a moment is irreplaceable. Make sure to do regular backups whenever you’re near a computer and insure your camera from as little as £2.49 a month with 

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