Roofing problems that you need to get fixed

A house may experience roofing problems over a period of time due to various factors -- such as being old, facing harsh weather, natural disasters or accidents. But sometimes we don’t notice them until it is too late to fix them. Unfortunately, roofing defects are quite costly to repair so it is better to keep an eye on the different areas of your home by doing a thorough inspection every now and then. Here are the most common problems that you need to look out for as it just might be your roof trying to tell you something:

roofing problem of a tiled roof outdoors in the UK

Roofing Problem 1 - Roof leaks

Leaks are a very common issue for roofs, especially due to the frequent rainfall here in the UK. Roof leaks can be detected by inspecting moisture and dampness levels of the loft or ceiling. Leaky roofs can cause other problems such as mould growth and rot. If left unrepaired, it could spread to other areas of the roof and eventually you may have to fork out a hefty amount to get it fixed.

Roofing Problem 2 - Broken tiles/slates

Sometimes the slates or tiles of the roof get broken or slip. It is mostly due to the extreme weather conditions that cause the nails of the roof to corrode and make the tiles slip out of place. If you see one or two tiles that are loose or look broken, you can have them fixed. But if this is the case with a large portion of the roof, especially if it’s made out of wood, it’s likely that re-roofing is required.

Roofing Problem 3 - Blocked roof valley

A blocked roof valley is also a common roofing issue. A roof valley that allows the water to flow to the drain, if blocked, will cause overflowing. This will result in a cracked lead. Ensure that the valley is clear at all times and leaves and debris are removed.

Roofing Problem 4 - Water build-up

If there is a lot of debris build-up on your roof, it can block the waterway, causing the drain to become clogged. This would result in ponding of water on your roof, which will eventually overflow to other areas of the roof.

roofing problem with toy construction workers fixing the roof

Roofing Problem 5 - Badly installed flashing

Flashing is the sealing of the different opening points of the roof such as chimneys, pipes and vents. These are the extensions that connect the roof to the walls of the house. Poorly installed flashing can cause the roof to be worn out a lot quicker or get damaged, therefore, you need to get the flashing fixed as soon as possible.

Roofing Problem 6 - Trees

If trees outside your house are tall and close to the roof, they can cause damage during rainy or stormy days. Sometimes, broken branches can pose a threat to the roof. Fallen leaves accumulated during autumn can block pipes and cause the water to overflow. Get your tree removed or at least have the branches trimmed to prevent any roofing related issues in the future.


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