Have you watched a 360° video yet? If not prepare to be amazed, it’s a truly awesome experience to see 360° video for the first time. These videos are now beginning to emerge on YouTube and this is thanks to the ever-increasing number of 360° cameras available on the market.

We’ve taken a look at what’s available and invite you to read our guide to 4 of the best 360 degree cameras on the market.

Bublcam 360 Degree Camera (about £525)
The Bublcam is an innovative product which emerged from a Kickstarter campaign to fund the products development.

What’s in a name? Well the Bublcam is perfectly named as it describes the shape of the camera admirably; it’s shaped like a bubble! No blind spots are left with the Bubl, which takes both high quality photos and videos, with a separate mode for each.

Mobile apps allow full control of the camera remotely through both Android and iOS devices. Photos and Videos are nicknamed Bubls and can be shared at

The Bubl makes for a cute 360° camera and won’t disappoint anybody who buys one.

Giroptic 360 Camera (about £330)
If you love cutting-edge technology and want to have it as soon as it’s available then pre-order the Giroptic 360 Camera, which is another 360° camera funded following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Giroptic boldly proclaim to have the world’s “first true 360° camera”. Videos (up to 2048 x 1024 resolution) and photos (an impressive 4096 x 2048 resolution) can be taken at the touch of a button and saved to YouTube or shared to other social media channels.

The Giroptic 360 is totally waterproof and survives in temperatures up to -20°C so is perfect for outdoor/spots usage an operates for 1-hour in video mode, with a 2-hour recharge.

An innovative product for sure and worthy of further research, the Giroptic can be pre-ordered at this link.

The Giroptic 360 will revolutionise 360° cameras.

Kodak SP360 Action Camera (about £280)
If you’re looking to buy a 360° camera from a brand name you can trust then the Kodak SP360 Action Camera may tick all the right boxes!

The Spherical shaped lens delivers the obligatory 360° functionality required for this article.  This camera also is supplied with dustproof, freeze-proof (up to -10°C), shockproof (up to 2 metres) and waterproof functionality, so it’s very hard-wearing and forgiving on even the most punishing of owners.

Connectivity is great with Wi-Fi (supporting Android and iOS) and NFC (near field communication) built in as standard. The PixPro 360 Mobile App is ideal to change the settings of your Kodak SP360 directly from your mobile device.

The Kodak SP360 Action Camera.

Ricoh Theta (“m15” - £200 and “S” - £300)
Undoubtedly the Ricoh Theta is one of the most popular 360° cameras on the market and is available in two models (the “S” and the “m15”.) The “S” is relatively new with the “m15” being the established model on the market.

The Ricoh Theta is designed to be a fun and easy to use product, which captures the entire 360° view in just one click. Ricoh claims that the Theta takes the owner past “photography” into a new exciting digital age.

The Ricoh Theta works well with both Windows and Max Desktops as well as via an app for mobile devices; spherical images can be viewed and manipulated on either desktops or mobile devices. Inbuilt functionality allows easy sharing of images via social media.

An excellent 360° camera from a well-known this is highly recommended and is available with accessories such as attachment for straps and hard or soft cases.

The Ricoh Theta m15 is very popular and available in four colours.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide and maybe now you’ll be rushing out to buy your very own 360° camera. If so, our advice would be to carry out research and understand your requirements. Each product is different and it’s important to decide what the critical aspects you will need to have from your 360° camera purchase are.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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