Your laptop is probably right up there with your smartphone in the list of items you absolutely cannot live without. For many of us, a laptop is now the primary tool we use for our work. And with the growth in popularity of BYOD schemes - as in, Bring Your Own Device to the office - it’s not as if we can simply rely on our employers to bail us out if something goes wrong.

Aha, you say - but isn’t my laptop covered by my home contents insurance should the worst happen? Possibly, and you may well have chosen to sign up for an opt-in extra that adds your laptop to your home policy. However, very good arguments can still be made for buying standalone insurance for your device. Here are five reasons why.

Lower excess

If you make a claim for a damaged laptop on your home insurance, your claim will be subject to the standard excess on your policy. In the case of an older, lower value laptop, this might be more than the laptop is actually worth, or certainly more than the repair costs. With a dedicated laptop policy, you will get an excess that reflects the value of the device, and often get repairs thrown in, too. At, we include unlimited repairs in our laptop cover.

Higher payout caps

Particularly if you have recently upgraded your laptop to a brand spanking new, top of the range beast of a machine, you may find that your existing home insurance caps payouts well below what the device is worth. If you are going to insure your laptop, you might as well get covered for its full value.

Be covered everywhere

Depending on the specific policy, some home insurance does cover contents that are damaged, lost or stolen out of the home. But this is not universal, and in most cases it will certainly not protect your laptop for overseas trips. With a standalone laptop policy like those we offer, you don’t have to worry - you are covered for damage, breakdown, theft and loss wherever you are, home or abroad.

Protect your home premium

In truth, home contents insurance is not really designed to cover individual items. You pay your premium to cover everything you own against catastrophic loss caused by burglary, flooding, fire and so on. As with any insurance, making a claim will bump up your premium. What you have to ask yourself is, for the sake of one little laptop breaking down, is it worth the whole of your contents insurance becoming more expensive? For what it costs extra, you are often better off with standalone insurance.

Enjoy the perks

The laptop insurance we offer at comes with a number of special little perks that you will only get with a dedicated policy. We have already mentioned unlimited repairs - we also offer a 24 hour replacement service for your device, once your claim has been approved. That’s the kind of service you get when you go with a specialist.


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