Chinese technology firm OnePlus has finally released its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5.

With high-tech features such as a dual-lens camera similar to that found on the iPhone 7 Plus, this product easily rivals the market best-sellers from Apple, Microsoft and Samsung.

OnePlus 5: Lake Blood

More recently, One Plus Five has released a hilarious one minute advert named 'Lake Blood'.

The video shows a cute, scantily clad young Southern girl relaxing on her countryside shed porch when she notices a chainsaw weilding bloody murderer moving towards her, in a zombie like horror trance.

As you'd expect from any millenial, the girl takes out her mobile phone and starts filming the sight... despite the impending danger.

Out of the long grass an out-of-breath boy appears, having been escaping from the murderer. He approaches the girl and starts a conversion about the benefits of the One Plus Five, including the camera clarity.

The boy then takes the phone and starts taking photos of the girl, posing infront of the psychopath.

After a cut scene to the main graphics of the advert, a hilarious clip is shown of the girl dead, covered in her blood, with the evil murderer pouting taking a selfie of himself with the camera phone.

Good job, OnePlus.

Lake Blood Actress: Caitlin-Rose Lacey

OnePlus 5 Insurance

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