The Google Play Store is home to about 1.6 million apps belonging to different categories such as games, weather, social media, news, music, etc. Treading through this large multitude of apps to find the one that offers you something unique can be a painstaking task; most of the apps have more or less the same functionality because app developers are competing with one another to acquire the largest user database. In this article though, 4 apps have been highlighted which truly will offer you something different and unique.

1.    Air Attack 2

There is a ton of arcade shoot-em up styled games on the Android, and quite frankly, most people are just sick and tired and not to mention, bored to death, of playing these games. Air Attack 2 has recently been released and what sets it apart from the others is the fact that it allows to interact with your aircraft.

In this game, you will encounter waves of enemy vehicles in the air and on the land. You start out with a basic combat airplane which can be upgraded as you play. The graphics are amazing for a shooter with smooth animations, lifelike shadows, and a particle system as well. The app is free to download, but to remove in-app ads; you will need to purchase it.

2.    KinScreen

Samsung mobile phones are equipped with a distinctive feature which allows you to read something without the screen turning off. It tracks your eye movements. Unfortunately, all Android devices do not have this functionality, but it can be enabled by an app called ‘KinScreen’.

Instead of tracking your eye movements, it utilizes the sensors in your Android device to detect small movements; this means that as long as you are holding your phone in your hands, the screen won’t turn off. It’s pretty useful when you are reading a great article or a blog.

3.    Easy Copy

Copy and pasting is an efficient method to get a job done quickly, especially on a mobile device. When you want to copy a certain text on your Android device such as a website link, YouTube link, or some quote you came across that you want as your Whatsapp status, you would copy it and then open the specific app where you intend to paste it.

With the app known as ‘Easy Copy’, the task has been made simpler and you just directly paste text into the app without having to open it.

4.    Sleep as Android

Smartphones have come a long way from just calling and texting, but unfortunately, the alarm and clock inside them are still basic. With this app, the clock app on your Android device will be able to do more than just wake you up; you can playback soothing music while you are drifting off to sleep, record any background noises while you are snoozing (useful if you wish to determine whether you snore or talk in your sleep), set your favourite music as the alarm ringtone, solve a problem in order to turn off the alarm (to ensure that you don’t fall back to sleep), and a lot more.

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