It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but nowadays, someone or rather something else has become a man’s best friend. If you still haven’t figured it out yet, then that little friend resides in your pocket when you go out. Yes, it’s your iPhone.

iPhones have taken the world by storm, ever since their introduction in 2007.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who have dropped their iPhone in water and are now worried about what to do, then fear not. You can still rescue your beloved friend from dying; just be careful the next time you go for a swim.

Preliminary Steps

Before attempting anything, follow these steps:

·       Remove your iPhone immediately from water, whether it is lying in the toilet bowl, at the bottom of the swimming pool, or in a bucket of water.

·       Switch off the phone by pressing the power button, until it turns off.

·       You should remove the case, if any, as it traps water. You must also remove the SIM card as well. Removing the battery is a more tedious process in an iPhone, but if you are confident enough to do so, then by all means go for it.

·       Take a dry cloth, preferably a clean one and wipe the phone carefully. Be sure to dry the front, back, and the sides; do not forget to dry the buttons like the volume controls, power button, home button, and the mute switch.

·       Use a Q-tip or a small pointed object to dry the audio output port and the charging port. Additionally, clean the speakers and the microphone.

·       If you have headphones or any accessory connected, disconnect it immediately. Never attempt to charge the iPhone if it is wet as it can cause short-circuiting, resulting in permanent damage.

The Cure

After the water has been dried out, you are ready to finally give your friend the life-giving potion. In this case, the life-giving potion is rice. Now if you are wondering how feeding rice to your phone save it from certain doom, then here’s your answer: rice absorbs moisture quickly! If you want to get more technical, you can use silica gel as well.

Take an air-tight bag (a zip-lock bag works best) and fill it with rice. Put your iPhone in the bag and ensure that it is fully buried in the rice. Ideally, you will need to wait for 36-48 hours for the phone to dry out completely. After those hours pass by painstakingly, you can remove your phone from the bag. Before powering it on, inspect the phone for any visible signs of moisture; if there is any, do not turn it on. If everything seems fine, go ahead and turn it on.

If your iPhone works normally like it did before, then you have just saved it from severe damage. Another alternative to rice as mentioned a bit earlier is silica gel. You can also place packets of silica gel. It works better and is a more effective drying agent than rice. offers iphone accidental damage cover, which includes water damage! From just pennies a day you could save yourself stress and the possibility of a large replacement bill!

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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