Caring for Your New Smartphone

Whether it is an iPhone 6S Plus or the Galaxy S7, spending £500 to £700 on a new handset is a worthy investment and after all, you would want to take care of it as if you bought a puppy for yourself; you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, right? Being made of glass and aluminium makes these smartphones appealing, but it also makes them susceptible to damage. So how would you go about protecting your new asset? Read on to find out.

·      Isolate Your Smartphone

As soon as you buy a new phone, you must purchase an individual case for it. This protects your phone from any major damage; however, do expect a few bumps here and there.

On the flipside, avoid putting your phone in your handbag with your other friends like the hairbrush, makeup kit, keys, etc. The continuous rattling of your bag’s contents will cause your phone to interact with the said contents, resulting in possible scratches and marks.

When you delve into your bag to frantically search for something, your long nails might give your new smartphone the warrior’s mark on its screen (for battling with the contents of your bag). If you must keep your phone in your bag, then do so in a separate pouch or compartment away from all the paraphernalia.

·      Make Your Phone Wear a Suit of Armour

Everyone has seen young girls carry those glittery pink cases with their phones securely inside; in case you were wondering, no, that’s not for show. A phone case is a very handy piece of equipment. They are supposed to protect your phone from wear and tear and give it an aesthetic look as well. Due to the multitude of options available, choosing a case depends on your own taste and the type of protection you seek for your phone.

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Phone cases can be found in plastic, transparent film, rubber, leather, and even wood. For example, transparent film cases provide protection as well as visual beauty. Other types of cases offer protection from shocks, rain, snow, mud, dirt, vibration, ice, etc. There are generally two types of cases; one that conceals the phone and the other which reveals it through a sliding mechanism. You will also be able to come across glow-in-the-dark cases and themed cases as well.

·      Clean it Regularly

Just like you would bathe a newly bought puppy, you should clean your smartphone on a daily basis. But don’t use water or else you risk damaging your prized possession permanently. On a similar note, never ever use furniture polish, spit, shoe polish, or any kind of household cleaning product on a smartphone as they will remove the coatings which help reduce glare, dust, and static. Furthermore, these liquids can find their way inside, corroding the vital components.

To clean your smartphone, use a microfiber cloth or better yet, an optical cloth; avoid using your sleeves, tissue papers, or your handkerchief. They are more effective in cleaning the display screen as well as the back of the phone.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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