The Xbox One S has a sleeker design than its predecessors, an improved controller and 4K video playback for the same starting price as the current Xbox One.


Aside from being a games machine, the Xbox One S is a 4K media entertainment machine. The console supports 4K video streaming from services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, and even plays 4K Blu-Rays. Considering that 4K Blu-Ray players can sell for hundreds of pounds on their own, the Xbox One S may be worth buying for its 4K support alone.


The new Xbox One S has the biggest hard drive option of any Xbox, offering a boastful 1TB of storage on the £300 model.


It might sound silly, especially for the price, but why not get an Xbox One S just because it looks incredible?! The S is 40% smaller than the previous console, and stands up vertically, giving you more options when it comes to showing it off next to your home cinema 4k TV. And yes, say goodbye to the Xbox’s usual annoying huge external power block.


The Xbox One S isn't the only new piece of hardware that Microsoft is planning. The technology company will launch Project Scorpio next year which is being dubbed to be "the most powerful console ever." Scorpio will support true 4K gaming and top virtual reality technology.  So, maybe you want to wait until that comes out?


With those extra few new features, the S isn’t an entirely new device. All standard games will work on the machine and there won’t be any S specific games.


Oh, and if you love the Kinect then you can claim a free adaptor when your new console arrives.


The S offers a lot for the £300 price tag. Of course, with a new system all the previous models have gone down in price. Whatever you decide to do, look into getting Xbox insurance to give you piece of mind.

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