Which iPad Is Right For You?

There’s a bewildering array of iPads available today, and for many consumers, the fear of making the wrong choice can become paralysing. We have a few tips and hints to make selecting the right iPad a straightforward business.

iPad Pro
Might as well be called the iPad Big - because the 12.9 inch/ 32.7 cm screen is huge by tablet standards. This screen is what makes the Pro a delight and it’s a real productivity device, particular-ly popular with those who create music (the four speakers give it a nice volume weighting). The 4GB Ram makes this a substantial processor of anything thrown at it, especially in work terms, but the Pro is also reasonably mobile, with a weight of 713g (Wi-Fi) or 723g (Cellular). 

Who is the iPad Pro for? 
Business leaders, those who need to work on the move and anybody who needs the extra power the Pro offers, particularly those working with an array of apps or even, perhaps, designing them.

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iPad Air 2
The iPad Air 2, is pretty good at everything, if not a specialist at anything. It offers a 9.7 inch/24.6 cm screen, processes faster than the iPad Mini 4 and can handle split-screen apps. One place the iPad Air 2 really stands out is weight - just 469g. On the downside, it can infuriate those who have more specialised needs and find the iPad Air 2 too much of a generalist to meet their specific requirements.

Who is the iPad Air 2 for?
If you’re ready to move up to a larger Apple tablet but the iPad Pro is beyond your budget, or not portable enough for your needs, the iPad Air 2 will thrill you. 

iPad Air
The original and genuine 2013 iPad Air is still available - it’s the cheapest way to move to Apple with many identical specs to the iPad Mini 2 although the lower screen resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels) and the reduced pixel density can make this a less attractive option to gamers. The rear camera is also a 5-megapixel rather than 8, but there’s no Touch ID and no burst mode or slow-mo video. 16 GB or 32 GB capacity also makes this a low-storage option.

Who is the iPad Air for?
Budget-conscious buyers seeking a big iPad who don’t mind if the functions are a little slower than newer models … this is a great entry level device for younger people and/or your gran who will love the screen size and not notice the slow function speeds!

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iPad Mini 2
The ultimate in affordability, the iPad Mini 2 has an 8 inch/20 cm screen and is essentially an iPad Air on a smaller scale. No Touch ID means that you can’t make App Store purchases or online payments so easily, but it’s still a great little device, especially if you go for the 32 GB storage op-tion. Like its successor, the iPad Mini 4, it does require the user to have pretty good eyesight so it’s a budget option for those with 20/20 vision.

Who is the iPad Mini 2 for?
For those who primarily want to surf the web or hang out on social media the iPad Mini 2 can be a superb tablet at a great price. 

iPad Mini 4
The inclusion of Touch ID means App purchases and online payments are straightforward. This iPad has split-screen function and multi-tasks. On the plus side it’s got a faster processor, better cameras both front and rear and that all-important split-screen capacity. On the minus side, it does come in at a pretty steep price for an 8-inch tablet.

Who is the iPad Mini 4 for?
Those who travel, especially where every ounce counts, and those who need to multi-task on the go find the iPad Mini 4 is their ideal option.

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