Top 5 Best Free Apps For Your Commute

Whichever way you look at it, commuting is one of life's necessities for many of us; whether you drive to work on a busy motorway, brave the bustling public transport system or hitch a ride with a colleague commuting to and from work can be something you begin to dread.

Though inconvenient, many of us need to commute long distances each and every day to our jobs and this can prove dull, boring and with delays inevitable, time consuming. 

Luckily, there are many helpful free apps for your commute. Some will keep you entertained on delayed trains and others will help you avoid bumper to bumper traffic; either way, they are sure to benefit your commute. 

To help you on your daily slog to and from work, we've collated the top 5 best free apps for your commute! 

Apps For Your Commute

There are hundreds of apps available that will keep you entertained and ahead of the game on your commute to work, however many of them come at a price. These are our top 5 best apps for your commute, and better get, they're free. 

Pocket - Often we will find articles, stories and blogs we are keen to read but when it comes to the time to read them, we have forgotten what it was and where we saw it. Pocket is a great way to store all the material you want to read on your commute home in one place; simply store, click and read! 

Waze - With upwards of 50 million users, Waze is one of the world's most used mapping systems for smartphones. By sourcing data from other road users in real time, it creates an accurate overview of traffic and uses the information to calculate the best possible route for your commute. An interactive layer is available which allows you, as a commuter, to input data to add to the mapping system. 

Citymapper - Citymapper is a city lovers dream. Not only does it help you get from A to B in a number of cities around the world, it also gives you a range of ways to get there; the bus, the train, driving. One novelty feature that provides a light giggle when you're running late is the jetpack option, letting you know how long it would take you if you travel by jetpack; a reminder of how easy commuting could be! A popular feature of this app is the travel suggestion it gives in order for you to stay dry when it's raining. Choose this option to avoid turning up to the office drenched through! 

Digg - Digg is a great app for your commute if you are a keen reader. It collects interesting articles from across the Internet and brings them to you in one simple app, saving you the hassle of finding them and having many web tabs open at once. 

Evernote - Evernote is the perfect free app for those who have one hundred and one things to remember at all times. It is a simple and easy way to store documents, reminders, voice clips and much more! Instead of spending your commute trying to remember everything that needs doing and saving multiple documents in multiple places, use Evernote to simplify this. 

There you have it, our top best free apps for your commute! Being without your phone on a commute can be a daunting prospect, to insure your smartphone get a free quote today

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