Technology Influences New Words

We know that language evolves through use and changing times. Perhaps this is never truer than with the rate of technology and how it influences our lives especially when most of us are permanently connected to our smartphones.

This week the Oxford Online Dictionary (OED) has announced some of the latest words to be included. There are ten of them in total plus some abbreviations of which the majority have evolved through technology and our love of it.

Selfie (noun)

This is the word for that all important photo of yourself probably taken on your smartphone and uploaded to a social media site. Selfies are definitely popular for the self-obsessed to keep your profile picture up to the minute.

Phablet (noun)

This word is used to describe some of the newer generations of smartphones which have larger screens and fall between phone screen and table size. Makes sense.

Unlike (verb)

This is the act of withdrawing your support or ‘liking’ of a photo, profile or page on a social media site.

BYOD (abbreviation)

‘Bring your own device’ used by companies and organisations when employees may use their own devices for work.

EMOJI (noun)

A digital icon or small image used instead of words i.e. a smiley face or a heart.

FOMO (abbreviation)

Fear of missing out used often on social media sites

Digital detox (noun)

An impossible state for many; it’s a period of time when you don’t use any of your digital devices i.e. smartphone, tablet, computer. Time away from these ‘gadgets’ should not only help you to de-stress but also to interact face to face. We all need this.

Click and collect (noun)

Refers to shopping online but collecting rather than having items delivered.

Bitcoin (noun)

The name for a digital currency when all transactions are performed online without the need for a bank as such.

Hackerspace (noun)

A space where computer geeks work together.

Geek chic (noun)

The ultimate fashion or look of those who are immersed in technology.

MOOC (noun)

Free online courses

How many of these do you use or recognise?

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