New Years Resolutions For Tech Heads

It's a new year and that means a new start for many, and what's the most common way to kick start a new change? With New Year's resolutions. New Year’s resolutions for tech heads are not always an easy thing to think of, for example, who wants to commit to trying to be less of a tech head and limiting their gadget time? 

We've compiled some top New Year’s resolutions for tech heads in a bid to inspire and encourage those who need a little push in the right direction. 

1 - Back up your devices 

As a tech head it is probable that you have more than one device that you store important information on, whether that be emails, photographs or important documents. Save yourself the worry of losing all your treasured things by backing up your devices often. That way, if the worst were to happen you can simply retrieve your backed up data. 

2 - Clean your gadgets regularly 

Getting a new smartphone, tablet or smart watch is great, especially considering it is brand new with no scratches or dirt in sight. Keep your gadgets in tiptop condition by cleaning them regularly. Though a simple New Year’s resolution for a tech head, it can help keep your gadgets in the best condition possible; not to mention keeping the germs and finger marks at bay. 

3 - Limit your photos and enjoy the moment 

We're all guilty of it, trying to capture every moment with a photo or video and even uploading it to Facebook or Instagram for the world to see. However, often we miss the moment in the present by focusing on taking a photo of video. Why not try reducing the amount of photos and videos you take and enjoy the moment as it happens as much as you can.

4 - Delete old and unused accounts 

Many of us find ourselves inundated with emails, notifications and reminders from accounts we never use or even forgot we had, including old social media accounts and email address we don't use. As a New Year’s resolution for a tech head, consider deleting the old accounts you no longer use. After all, there is little point of keeping them and often they just bring unwanted notifications. 

As you can see, there are a number of different New Year’s resolutions for tech heads that are both useful and relatively easy to achieved. New Year's resolutions are likely to be kept if they are related to something you are passionate about, and therefore those who love gadgets and devices could benefit from one or more of those mentioned above. 

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