Forgetting to buy someone a Christmas present is easily done, especially when you take into account just how busy the festive period can be what with work Christmas parties, presents to buy and Christmas dinner to organise; but what happens if you do forget someone? Some people are harder than others to buy for, luckily, if you forget to buy something for a tech head there are a few foolproof options. 

Last Minute Presents: What to Get a Tech Head? 

Tech heads can be difficult to buy for when you have months of planning to think of the perfect gift, however, when buying a last minute present for a tech head you do not have the luxury of time. Here are some of our top last minute present ideas for tech heads to help. 

Amazon Prime: The chances are if the individual is a tech head they are a frequent user of Amazon, what with its endless amounts of gadgets and technology products to buy. Buying Amazon Prime is a great last minute gift idea for a tech head and gives them lots of Amazon added extras such as free delivery, films on demand and a whole host more. Better yet, it can be bought online and used instantly so is perfect if it's Christmas Eve and you don't have a present. 

iTunes Vouchers: For those with an iPhone, iPad or other Apple product iTunes vouchers are always a win-win present. It allows the tech head to purchase what they want when they want, whether that be music or movies, which is great if you are not 100 percent sure of what they are in to. 

Apple TV: Apple TV has grown in popularity in a huge way in 2014 and is now a staple technology product in many homes. Apple TV is simple to use, hooks up to any television and allows for YouTube, Netflix and other Apple computer devices to be streamed via the television; a perfect last minute gift idea for the tech head who finds it hard to tear themselves away from the computer. 

Portable Charger: Though a relatively simple and affordable last minute gift idea, a portable charger can be a life saver for those who are out and about all day and are constantly using their smartphone, tablet or computer. It's not always possible to find a suitable place to charge a gadget when on the move and a portable charger steps in and saves the tech addicts among us. 

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