The Top 5 iPhone And Android Business Apps

Business professionals that are constantly on the go, in and out of meetings, managing multiple projects and accounts should look to use business apps that help improve efficiency. 

We’ve rounded up five of the best business apps suitable for iPhone and Android. Get yourself equipped with the best digital tools for a professional lifestyle! 

Office Mobile (for Office 365 subscribers) 
This is the flagship app for subscribers of Office 365 desktop. It’s definitely a good investment if you spend a large amount of time using Microsoft Office on your desktop. The app enables you to create and edit documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint) more easily on your smartphone and/or tablet. It also syncs this in the cloud through multiple devices. 

This is an essential purchase for those who struggle to stay organised. It helps you keep on top of your activity across multiple devices. Share notes, photos, to do lists, reminders, handwritten notes, audio files, web clippings and much more. Does this sound familiar? You start something on one device, go off to a meeting and then get home only to realise the notes you’d started are on the tablet left in the office… With this app, gone are those days! It’s free to download, but capped at 60MB per month of usage. 

Scanner Pro by Readdle 
Have you ever got yourself into a sticky situation because you need to sign a document but you don’t have a hard copy? This app cuts out the need for a printer. It lets you fill in PDF documents and add legally binding signatures to whatever it is that you need to sign. 
Works on iPhone

Your conference call can happen anywhere thanks to this app, allowing you to choose contacts from your contact list and make free calls for up to 17 people. Free membership starts with a maximum conference call size of 5 – but reward initiatives include a cap increase if you link with social media accounts. 
Works on iPhone and Android 

This app enables you to access your work computer from your iPhone. It turns the iPhone screen into a computer screen that you can access away from the office. It’s a fantastic free app, but be warned - you’ll need to be patient with yourself to get used to not having a keyboard and mouse! 
Works on iPhone 

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