3 Essential Fitness Apps

New year, new you, right? Or have you already given up on your gym resolutions? If like most people you’ve already fallen off the fitness wagon, don’t despair. These android fitness apps will inspire you to get that lycra back out of the cupboard and work that body... just don’t run and text at the same time!

Instant Heart Rate Pro

How fast your heart beats is a good measure of fitness, and this app can help you track your way to a healthy heart. You simply place your fingertip against your phone’s camera, and the app will measure your heart rate. You can keep a log of readings to measure your improving fitness as time goes on. £1.24

Zombies Run! 

If you need more motivation to keep going when you’re out on a run, then Zombies Run will have you racing round the park in no time. The app invents missions for you to venture out for supplies, with voice and radio messages warning you to pick up speed as Zombies appear on your tail. It sounds mad – but it really does work! Just don’t get too carried away and drop your phone – or take out mobile phone insurance to protect it! £2.99 

Pocket Yoga

If your idea of a workout is exerting yourself as little as possible, then pocket yoga is for you. This little app features images and instructions for yoga poses, so you can bend and stretch anytime, anywhere. £1.99

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