Protecting your Phone

Keeping your phone safe isn’t always easy. Life happens, and dropping or having your phone stolen can happen to the best of us. So what else can you do to protect your phone other than by being insured?

Smartphone Screen Protectors
Available in a variety of finishes, a screen protector will help stop your screen splintering or smashing into tiny pieces. They’ll even help reduce smeary fingerprints and protect you against people being able to peek at your screen.

Malware and Hacking
If your phone is acting as if it’s got behavioural difficulties, or you find yourself being charged for unaccountable call costs, you may be a victim of a malware infection. This is only usually a problem with Android devices, but it’s a common one. To protect yourself, avoid third party or unofficial app providers, keep software up to date, password protect your phone, and don’t make purchases over unsecure networks.

Security for your Android Device
Should the worst happen and your phone is stolen or lost, then it’s a very good idea to have remote access to your phone. This enables you to disable or locate your phone and wipe any information using an app or inbuilt remote erasing capability. However, this isn’t completely fail-safe, so you should always still report the loss or theft to your network provider too.

Security for your iPhone
The Find my Phone service available through icloud enables you to remotely locate, lock or wipe your phone in the event of loss or theft.

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