Insuring your Smart Phone Cheaply

Most phone providers know how worried we are about our mobile phones, so premiums can be high if you take out phone insurance with them. Instead, there are others ways of insuring your phone - and far more cheaply. Read on to find out how.

Bank Account Phone Insurance
Before taking out mobile phone insurance, check your bank account! If you have a packaged account or premier account that offers you travel insurance and breakdown cover, you may also already have phone insurance included. If this is the case, then you’ll be paying nothing! If you don’t already have a premium bank account package, and travel or drive a lot, then you may save money by opening one – when you throw mobile phone insurance into the mix, this can make quite a big saving on all your insurances.

Mobile Phone Insurance Companies
There are plenty of mobile phone insurance companies who can insure your phone for as little as £1.49 a month. They’ll cover you for accidental damage, cracked screens, unauthorised calls, or theft and loss. Always check to see how they recompense you – if speedy replacement is crucial to you, find a slow cash payout may not be ideal.

Home Insurance
Another cheap option is to add your smart phone to your Home Contents Insurance policy. This should cost around £30 a year. Be sure to check how much excess you’ll pay though, to make sure it’s worth it.

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