Smarter than your average phone

What did we do before the TV remote control? Well, we were expected to get up off that sofa and change channels manually. How ridiculous and not to mention archaic.

Of course the innovative amongst us fashioned the prototype to the remote control we’re familiar with today. The TV stick. Although groundbreaking at the time, the TV stick was not entirely reliable or accurate. In fact, users often had to resort to getting up and punching the TV buttons in frustration instead. Still, it had the desired effect.

How many times have you mistakenly pointed your smartphone at the TV instead of the remote? Probably more times than you’d care to mention in public. Well, it’s an honest mistake given that our mobiles spend most of their time in our hands.

So how amazing would it be if you didn’t have to put your phone down to achieve certain tasks? And more importantly, not leave the sofa? How about putting the kettle on or adjusting your heating? What if your smartphone could do it for you? Now we’re talking.

Hot under the collar
From your horizontal position on the sofa, your smartphone can control your heating for you. It can ramp it up or cool it down and even switch it on and off. This smart heating technology also allows you to zone your rooms so that you can heat just the ones in use. And you know what that means, cheaper heating costs.

If you do happen to peel yourself off the sofa and actually leave the house, your smartphone’s GPS can track your proximity to your home and fire up the boiler. This ensures it’s nice and cosy when you step through the front door. Good, eh?

Stick the kettle on
We all know that TV ad breaks exist solely for us to make a cuppa, grab a snack, visit the bathroom and check Facebook. But sometimes it’s impossible to fit in all of these activities before the programme resumes.

Fortunately the iKettle is waiting for your call. Well, not literally. It works via an app on your smartphone, but it certainly loves to be at your beck and call.

Unfortunately the iKettle hasn’t quite mastered the actual making of tea or coffee yet. Or indeed delivering it to you in situ, but by using your smartphone, you can ask it to boil from the comfort of your sofa. This allows you to maximise ad break time and not waste it in the kitchen watching water boil.

Imagine the possibilities? More sofa time and more time in bed as your iKettle gets busy in the kitchen. Result.

A word to the wise
Today’s smartphone is definitely smarter than your average mobile phone of the 80s. Who’d have thought that unsightly contraption would transform into such a smart cookie? Surely a phone that can boil your kettle and adjust your heating is worth protecting with mobile phone insurance? Otherwise you really will have to get off that sofa.

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