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Why insure your gadgets & appliances?

Get protected against accidental (excl TV's), electrical and mechanical damage from just £1.49 a month. Optional extras include loss, theft and unauthorised call cover for a further £1 a month. PLUS 20% off when you insure 4 items or more.

  • Blue tickLow Cost
  • Blue tickLow Excesses
  • Blue tickFlexible Payments
  • Blue tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Blue tickMake Multiple Claims^
  • Blue tickUp To 20% Discount*

Over 20,000 people use our site every month! Wowzers!

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Very quick and cheap quote.

Saved me £80

using this instead of EE


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Insurance Choice Awards winner and finalist in 2016 & 2017

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4.73 rating on Google

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We've insured over 200,000 gadgets & appliances

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Our call centre & support team are all in the UK

Why choose us for your Gadget & Appliance Insurance?

Why Insure

More for less with Row.co.uk

Limiting inconvenience is a part of modern life, and that's why our insurance aims to keep you enjoying your time on the planet and not put out by the little things. Whether you want to protect your phone, washing machine, boiler or cover you and your family, we offer the best possible insurance to protect you against lots of 'disasters'! We offer a UK service online and over the phone from sunny Bournemouth.

Why Us

Fantastically Helpful

Helpful Customer Service: When bad things happen, our customers say we're amazing! Well, why wouldn't they? All our team are based in sunny Bournemouth, we like to spend time out of the office just like you as we appreciate that the little things that go wrong shouldn't get in the way of life.

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We Reinvest To Provide Better Services: We have no shareholders, just one (the man!), and he says 'Make our services the best!'. So we diligently do and we reinvest into the company with cutting edge technology, better products and continuous training of our valuable staff to assist you so we can make sure we're the market leaders. Yes, we're blowing our own trumpet!

Don't Pass You Off: We administrate all our policies in-house and keep all information here. So when you call us, you'll be speaking to us, not some random person that a competitor might send you to! We're a family run company and intend to keep it that way.

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How To Claim

This is really important

Unlike lots of other companies, we actually deal with from when you sign up through to when you claim. We don't just pass you to a third party and forget about you. We love and cherish you and your items! Check other provider's terms to see who will actually deal with your claim before you sign up.

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When it comes to dealing with claims, we're like lightning :) Our purpose of being is to protect, so it's our job to be quick!

We make decisions pronto!

For us to make a quick decision on your claim just log in, complete the claim form to set us to work. We may ask you to provide any relevant documents we need and that's about it.

Just a straight forward, no stress claims process for you to follow. It's a bit like doing Yoga, but with some typing involved...!

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5★ Appliance Insurance from £1.49! Ooo I say!

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5★ Appliance Insurance from £1.49! Ooo I say!

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