Can the smartphone get any smarter?

Fiction has always enabled its creators to use amazing technology to enhance plotlines that wow us on screen and make the pages of books come alive. Think The Matrix, Mission Impossible…we could go on.

That is to say, as long as the technology seems plausible within the limits of our imagination, we won’t get too hung up on the reality of it not actually working in practice. And as long as the movie budget is big enough to include convincing CGI, then we’ll swallow anything that’s thrown at us if it makes for engaging content.

Fact not fiction
However, back in the real world, consumers expect technology to actually work. Well, it’s not too much to ask when you’re forking out a pretty penny for a smartphone is it? Therefore developers have to do more than just come up with exciting concepts. They have to take it one step further and deliver reliable, working technology. Okay so that’s simplifying the process somewhat, but for the purposes of this blog, you know what we mean.

Bite-sized technology
As well as the built-in apps your phone already contains, there are all sorts on the market to expand the use of your smartphone. These apps offer access to a huge range of services, from downloading music and films, online banking, payments and shopping, to booking restaurants and hair appointments. Again, we could go on, but you know the drill.

More at your fingertips
Even the NHS and GP surgeries are embracing mobile technology to streamline their services to benefit the user. We can now book appointments and order repeat prescriptions via apps. That certainly suits our busy lifestyles and eliminates the need to do battle with a receptionist in order to see a doctor.

Coming to a smartphone near you?
The Seoul National University Bundang Hospital in South Korea already offers more to its patients in the form of the Patient Guide app. Rolled out last year, the app aims to improve its patients’ hospital experience with a hospital navigation guide and a personalised entertainment system accessible during their stay. It also delivers information on healthcare costs, waiting times and appointments.

Who knows what else is in the pipeline, but as consumers, if it enhances our user-experience we’ll be keen to grab it with both hands. Okay maybe just the one, we’ll be holding our smartphone in the other.

Protect your personal information
It’s great that we can access this technology via our smartphones to simplify otherwise time-consuming tasks. However, on the downside, our personal information is being shared every time we use an app to make life easier or have some fun.

Our reliance on mobile phones and apps to organise our lives may go some way to explaining our total dependence on them. And why we feel so lost without our smartphones. This makes it more important than ever to protect them with mobile phone insurance.

The thought of buying phone insurance may insight yawns, but it’s a necessity to protect what you hold dear. Whether that’s just your must-have smartphone or the data it contains, it definitely makes sense to insure it. And with phone insurance available from as little as £1.49 a day, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, don’t you think?

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