Mobile Phone Insurance Facts

How many people do you know, including yourself, who’ve scoffed in the face of mobile insurance, assuming that it’s a waste of money because there’s no way you’d ever let anything happen to your shiny new dream phone? Probably more than you care to admit.

It may seem dull to be sensible and think of insurance, and it may take the excitement briefly out of purchasing your latest smartphone, but it really is worth covering yourself because you never know what’s around the corner. Literally, you might walk into a post… phone first!

Here are some little facts about mobile insurance that could change your mind:

The sort of things generally covered on mobile phone insurance (dependent on what level of cover you opt for) are cracked screens, liquid damage, breakdown and loss or theft along with any unauthorised call cover. Great news for those who’ve dropped, scratched or possibly sat on their phone before.

You can even insure a second-hand mobile if you haven’t bought a brand new one. As long as you have proof of purchase i.e. a store receipt or IMEI number, and it’s (approximately) within 2 or 3 years old you should be fine.

Most insurers will require a one-off excess payment if you have to make a claim and it varies on the initial cost and value of your handset, but this is a small price to pay than having to shell out for a new one from the store. If your claim is successful you’ll be given an identical phone to your previous one. Happy days!

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