Why Are We In Love With Our Smartphones?

Who’d have guessed, back in the late 80s when the concept of a mobile phone was a miniature briefcase teamed with a curly wire and brick-sized speaking device, that we now have the power to do almost anything on our small, buttonless devices?

The very notion of being able to video call your family in a different continent while you’re sat on a north-London bus on your way to work, or send your best friend a reminder of tonight’s party instantly while you’re at the hairdressers, was unbelievable only a decade or so ago.

Now we are absolutely obsessed with these little pieces of technology no bigger than our hand. A group of girls will go out for dinner with friends they haven’t seen in ages but insist on being glued to their phone screen rather than engaging in an actual real-life conversation. We live in a world where our morning habits have regressed from a cup of coffee and a newspaper to checking Instagram or Facebook the second our eyes are open.

Of course this is the cynics way of looking at it, now we are able to know about everything important that’s going on in the world at the touch of a tiny glass screen, we can share news and record poignant moments with our most beloved friends and family and we can run our lives from the palm of our hand.

As technology inevitably continues to develop, so will our love of smartphones as their capabilities will increase our love and dependency on them.

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