What's Next For Our Beloved Smartphones?

Not even as recently as two decades ago would we have believed the incredible capabilities that would soon be imagined with regards to a mobile phone. Once a heavy, clumpy contraption used by only the most important businessmen and women, now we have sleek, beautifully-crafted works of art, which we focus our lives around for instant worldwide communication and information.

Along came 3G then 4G, WiFi, advanced camera functionality, button-free touch screens, voice command, superb audio visual quality and millions of ‘apps’, from games to egg timers, speedometers to restaurant finders.

So where does it go from here? No sooner does one of the mobile phone giants release its most developed smartphone to date, is there talk and rumour of the next generation already in their final stages of development – ready to wow us with their latest gadgetry.

Word on the grapevine suggests that we’ll be treated to flawless augmented reality, stunningly flexible paper-thin screens, more developed 3D screens and holographic capabilities as well as in-built projectors. The question really is: when?

These innovative concepts have probably already been prototyped or possibly even ready to go into mass production, but the companies (naming no names) are extremely clever marketeers, perhaps even more so than they are actually building this technology. We will continue to be desperate for the latest and most exciting developments because our lives are so dependent on smartphones. Let’s just hope we don’t have to pay too bigger a price!

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