What Do You Think About Phubbing?

Do you phub or do you know others that do? Lots of celebs do including Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Will-i-am. Phubbing is the bad habit of ‘snubbing someone in favour of your phone’. In other words continuing to text or tweet when you are in the company of others.

You’ll find people ‘phubbing’ as it’s been labelled, here, in the US and Australia mostly. Well not surprising really as in most of these countries more than 50% of the population owns smartphones. So you can imagine how many of us experience phone-neglect!

It has prompted a young Australian graduate to start a ‘Stop Phubbing’ campaign. The campaign has gone viral – after all everyone knows (or is) a phubber. The stopphubbing website crashed earlier this week with so much attention.

The campaigner Alex Haigh says on the site, ‘Phubbing is rife throughout the world. Just imagine couples of the future sitting in silence. Relationships based on status updates.’

To be fair, the site has many ‘faux statistics’ about phubbing and phubbers but I challenge you not to smile as you read them. And not to recognise circumstances when we have all been or seen phubbers.

In a more serious vein, the University of Exeter has conducted research about how the presence of a mobile phone can effect face-to-face communication. The study found that even just the presence of a phone on a table when you meet a new person can have a negative affect on getting to know one another.

Will you join the campaign or continue to update your status?

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