Gadgets for Men: Top 5

A lot of us have had a lot of extra time on our hands this year we never thought we’d have. Which has made 2020 a year to get serious about your gadgets. Not that many guys out there need much of an invitation to get serious about gadgets.

But if you still haven’t had your fix this year, here are five of the best gadgets out there that you might just want to add to your collection.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are, of course, the hottest trend in mobile audio right now. But which are the best available on the market? Apple’s Airpods get a lot of, erm, airtime, which isn’t surprising given that particular company’s talent for product promotion. But according to no less an authority than revered audio specialists What HiFi?, Sony’s WF-1000XM3 are the best buds money can buy. Even if the name is not all that snappy, they offer excellent sound quality, great noise reduction and will cost you less than a pair of Airpods, too.

JBL Flip 5

Sticking with a theme, there are times when you want your music listening experience to be a little more sociable than sticking in a pair of earbuds and zoning out on your daily jog. Portable Bluetooth speakers are another hot trend, with serious audio big hitters like Bose and Sonos getting in on the act (not to mention the ‘smart speakers’ available from Amazon, Google and the like). But, according to the boffins of boom at What HiFi? again, none of these get a look in on the best Bluetooth speakers available. In fact, they go for the lesser known JBL Flip 5, heralding it for outstanding sound quality, no-frills performance and great value.

Lavolta Folding Laptop Stand

So you’re spending a lot more time working from home now but you’re not quite sure the repurposed coffee table that is serving as your desk is quite meeting ergonomic health and safety standards. The Lavolta Folding Laptop Stand is just the ticket. Fully height adjustable, it lets you turn any surface into a comfortable workspace for your laptop. Should you wish, it is even flexible enough to let you to work from your sofa or bed. Living the dream?

Google Nest WiFi

Sticking with the theme of home working - surely one of the big boons of escaping the office was meant to be the freedom to work how you want, when you want, where you want? And yet there you are, huddled in a corner of the spare bedroom directly above the wireless router in the living room below, unable to go anywhere else because the WiFi signal is so poor. If that is you, then what you need is Google Nest WiFi - a system of interconnecting routers which create something called a ‘mesh network’. Rough translation - you get great WiFi coverage all over your house. Now you can work from bed after all!

RAK Magnetic Wristband

Finally, another advantage of all that extra time ‘working’ from home is that it let’s you indulge your deep love for DIY. But if you are one of those home handymen whose DIY skills are always hampered by a talent for misplacing screws and drill bits, the RAK Magnetic Wristband is an absolute essential. It does what it says on the tin - a simple wrap-around wristband that contains magnets strong enough to hold screws, nails, hooks, screwdriver and drill bits. No more traipsing up and down ladders hunting for dropped nails for you!

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