5 important tips for laptop owners

Laptops are an electronic staple these days for everyone whether it’s office or home. From students to corporate executives, laptops have become an essential item in everyone’s life. Many people don’t even have a desktop computer at home because carrying a laptop is much more convenient. So if you are thinking of getting a new laptop or already have one and want to use it more efficiently, here are some tips for you to follow:

1.     Battery

This is one of the fundamentally crucial things you need to ensure is working fine with your laptop. It is because of a good and stable battery that a laptop can work fine even when it is not plugged in. Whenever you are buying a laptop, always see what its battery life is. Battery life is the amount of time your laptop can work without being plugged in until its next recharge. Always make sure you charge your battery everyday till its full capacity. As soon as you see the battery is 20% or lower, plug your charger in.  You shouldn’t turn your laptop on and off many times in a short amount of time, this can affect your laptop’s battery adversely.

2.     Screen

Always use a screensaver so that your laptop doesn’t waste its energy and battery life. This doesn’t necessarily harm the laptop but it helps in ensuring a longer battery life. You can also put the laptop on ‘sleep mode’ by setting its timer when your laptop is idle for a certain amount of time. Clean your laptop screen and keyboard (preferably when it’s turned off) with a dry cloth or one of those special air sprays that are made to clean keyboards. Lower the screen brightness to conserve more battery life.

3.     Protect it from overheating

One of the things many laptop users don’t give much focus on is the overheating of the laptop. Make sure your laptop is not placed on the wrong kind of surface that makes it hard for the heat it generates to dissipate.  You can always get a good laptop mat that helps it to remain cool and regulates the flow of heat. Never leave your laptop on places like blankets, couches or plastic surfaces etc for too long as they can make it go super hot.

4.     Laptop bag

If you are always out and about, a good laptop bag will always come in handy. Get a laptop bag that is strong and can carry your laptop easily around wherever you go. Typically, each model comes with its own accessories and laptop bags are always there to accompany it because they are made according to the size of the model so you should have no problems in finding one.

5.     Hardware

If you want to upgrade your hardware like RAM or HDD, always go to the manufacturer of the laptop and get it done rather than unreliable computer shops that can rip you off. If you are good with gadgets, you can buy the hardware and install it yourself.

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