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Nobody likes to deal with pests in their home, it causes stress, you waste a lot of time trying to get rid of them, and it costs money to get them removed. Whether it is termites, cockroaches, ants, or rats, once they find their way in your home, everyone loses their grip and can’t rest until the pest problem is fixed. If you have a pest problem already then check with your local council if you can get a free or reduced-cost pest control service. You can also check out pest control services such as to get rid of the problem quickly.

Here are 4 sure fire ways to prevent any potential pest infestation in your home.


1.     Pests in the Kitchen

Most of the time pest infestation occurs due to the kitchen not being sanitary. The more mess and dirt there is in the kitchen, the higher the chances of bugs like ants and cockroaches to come in. Always make sure that you wash the dishes as soon as the sink is half full, clear the countertops, mop, and clean the floor. The kitchen should be absolutely free of any crumbs and food bits. This is like giving bugs an open invitation to stick around and make themselves a new home.


Tightly seal any jars containing any food items, clean the cabinets, and clean any leaks or spillages that may lure them in. Check your fridge for any expired food items or old fruits and vegetables as well to prevent any mold forming. Make a rule in the house that there should be no eating in the kitchen. People can only eat on a table or dining area. This will create a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen, free from any pests.


2.     Pantry

So you thought that the kitchen was the only place to worry about? Well, any place with food items is susceptible to a pest infestation. Every month, clean out the shelves in your pantry. Dispose of any expired cans, jars, pickles, etc because bugs can get into almost every food item they can find.


3.     Garbage and waste bins

Everyone disposes of their rubbish into recyclable and categorised bins now. Just make sure to clean out anything that can lure bugs and rats sniffing through your rubbish. Tightly seal or close your waste bags because then the smell can attract the vermin and other pests to come inside it.  Always cover our rubbish bins and put the lid on them to prevent anything else from going inside. Clean up your waste bins every few weeks as well.


4.     Outside/garden areas

Check for any rodent infestations in the garden because if you have a vegetable or fruit patch they like to come and nibble on those as well. If you have any firewood then don’t store it in your home because this can cause termites to invade other areas of your home as well.


Make sure to get a good home pest control insurance like to avoid any issues like this in the future.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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