The Samsung Galaxy S7’s Hidden Secrets

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 has taken the world by storm and if you are one of those lucky blokes who bought one after a major promotion at work, chances are that you are still living under a rock when it comes to knowing the various hidden functionalities present in your new friend. But don’t worry; here are 4 of those hidden secrets.

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·      The One-Handed Mode

This is a function built into the S7 that allows users to use the phone with a single hand only; very handy for those who like spending countless hours in the kitchen or for those who dare to use their phones while driving (Strongly discouraged though). It is present in both the S7 and the S7 edge.

To enable it, head over to the setting and tap ‘Advanced Features’. Over here, you will come across the ‘One-Handed Operation’ mode and there will be two options; either you can reduce the screen size by hitting the home button three times or you can select the ‘One-Handed Input’ option to move the keyboard to a corner of the screen.

·      Use Two Apps Simultaneously

Yes you heard it correctly! The Galaxy S7 features the ability to run two apps at the same time; now you can surf the internet and edit your thesis simultaneously. How do you access it? It’s simple. Press the square button (the overview button) and this will bring up a list of the most recently used apps.

Look carefully and you will see two rectangles on the left of the apps; tap on it and the app will open, taking up the half of the phone’s display. In the lower half, you will see the same list and you can select the app to multitask with.

·      Place More App Shortcuts on the Desktop

The S7 comes with the ability to change the screen’s grid size to accommodate more shortcuts for your favourite apps, games, and widgets. Now you don’t have to worry about removing the ‘Flappy Bird’ shortcut to fit the health tracker app you just downloaded. Simply tap on an empty space of the screen and the ‘screen grid’ option will appear.

S7 comes with a standard 4x4 grid which means that you can keep up to 16 app shortcuts on the home screen. However, you can increase it to 5x5, thereby allowing you to store up to 25 app shortcuts on the desktop.

·      Record Your Games

This feature is perfect for those who like to boast about their gaming exploits. The S7 comes with an app called ‘Game Launcher’ that enables you to play games on your handset seamlessly. You can record your gameplay and upload it to YouTube.

Go to settings, then advanced features, and then go to the games section. You will see an option called ‘Game Tools’; tap it to turn it on. Now whenever you are playing a game, tap the floating icon to start recording.

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