Review: The Samsung VR Headset

Let’s dive into looking at one of the coolest gadgets on the market: The Samsung VR Headset

Samsung have teamed up with Oculus, the company who produced the first piece of wearable technology that makes you feel like you’re in a virtual world. Oculus was a Kickstarter company and they found themselves being backed by thousands of people who, in total, pledged over 2 million dollars to the company project. Since Samsung’s companionship with Oculus, they have been able to create wearable technology compatible with mobile smart phones. 

The Innovator edition is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and currently priced at £169.00, which we think is fantastic. With a 360 degree environment, you can watch a film in a virtual cinema or enjoy 2D and 3D movies, games and photos all from the comfort of your sofa. If you have a Galaxy S6, all you need to do is connect it to begin. The built-in touchpad and slot for the Galaxy S6 means you can be completely free from wires. You can combine this with the wireless gamepad for a truly portable gaming experience, enabling you to shoot, jump and kick with ease.  
Personal Experience

Our love for mobile tech and games was more than enough to convince us to test out the Samsung Innovator headset. We tried out the ‘Battle for The Avengers Tower’ 360 experience in a Samsung store which was amazing. With the 360 angle available you can look anywhere, from above you to behind you; there was always something happening. The experience only lasted a few minutes, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. You could see so much detail, colour and action all happening at the same time, in a first person view. 
After some research into the games that are available for the headset, it seems there are quite a few experiences. We would expect the production of VR games to increase massively over the next decade, especially with online technology meaning you could really find yourself in a virtual reality playing with other people. This looks set to be the next step for gaming.

Thoughts: It’s still quite early for this tech. Although it looks amazing, I would personally wait to see what the next VR release looks like. Luckily, Samsung might just be thinking the same, as they happen to be releasing a new model called the Consumer edition which is half the price of the Innovator! I’m sure Samsung have gotten a lot of feedback about the first model, and so the Consumer edition should be a great improvement. It might also allow more compatibility with a larger variety of Samsung smartphones, which will inevitably increase sales. 

Definitely keep your eye open for these VR headsets! 

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