Is There Space For The New Nokia Tablet?

The pre-Christmas period is generally a quiet one in terms of tech launches. This is mainly because manufacturers aim to flog their wares rather than release and try build up steam for new ones. This year is no different to others; be it aside from the surprising arrival of the new Nokia N1 Android tablet last week.

Nokia Android tablet you say?! We thought Nokia were owned by Microsoft and bought with the aim of pushing Windows own operating system. Most of us assumed Nokia was being put out to graze since it sold its phone division to the American tech giant. Seems this isn’t completely the case. Nokia appears to have shunned the grey reins of Microsoft and the N1 could be a big leap in the right direction.

The question whether there is room or not for Nokia’s tablet is a good one? The short answer is yes…it is good enough! Let’s cut to the chase, the new device’s biggest problem is that it looks like the iPad Mini – to be honest that’s hardly a terrible issue to have to deal with. 

Android 5.0 is great and Z Launcher makes it Even Better

Running the already excellent Android 5.0 the Nokia makes the most of its own software, utilising the Z Launcher over the top of the basic Google operating system. The Z launcher is a simple but effective idea. Merely, scribble the first letters of the app you want to open or the function you want to perform on the screen and it will show you a selection of the most likely functions - simple. The more likely you are to use a particular app at a certain time of day, the more likely it will appear when you scribble on the display at that time of day.

The hardware is worth a mention too. From the aluminium chassis run by an Intel 64Bit chip to the fantastic 2048 x 1536 pixel laminated screen, it’s built to impress. And for an expected price of £199 nothing in that price range touches it. Simply, it’s exciting, desirable and it won’t empty your pockets. 

The Next Generation?

In fact, a lot of people in the tech industry herald the arrival of this device as equally as important as the Amazon Kindle’s arrival a few years ago. Amazon introduced a quality tablet for a competitive price, vastly surpassing anything that was even close to its price and it was a huge success. The Nokia N1 could be the entry that introduces a high end, high spec, and high quality tablet for a competitive price. 

Compare it to anything in this price range and nothing touches it. The Nexus 9 is the closest competitor in terms of quality and those’ are £150 more and let’s not even start on the price of an iPad Mini in comparison, albeit still one you’d be mad not to insure

So, to answer the question if there’s a space in the market for a new Nokia tablet? If it’s as revolutionary as it potentially could be, it could be a huge winner and create its own space. In fact, the Nokia N1 could be a game changer!

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