How To Protect Your Mobile And Its Data

Mobile devices have more capabilities than ever before, which unfortunately increases the risk of theft and data loss.

Enhanced mobile devices come at a cost, and theft is dramatically increasing as a result of this. Because of their portability, they’re a prime target for thieves and hackers – even more so than desktop systems. 

You might not realise quite how much personal and important information you have stored on your device – from your emails, to financial and medical information, to company systems, to travel itineraries, to saved passwords, to private photos, to special contacts… and much more! 

The most obvious way of protecting your phone is to exercise common sense – for example, don’t leave your phone unattended and always keep it in a zipped pocket or protected part of your handbag. 

What else can be done to protect your phone and its data? 

• Password protection – set up a password on your phone with its built-in lock feature. It’s simple, quick to set up and effective, but we advise that you ensure your password is stronger than 1234! 
• Unlock pattern – you can set an unlock pattern which acts just like a password. 
• Device lockout – nearly all mobile devices provide a lockout option which locks the phone after several consecutive unsuccessful attempts to enter the pattern / password. You can normally set this to cap after a certain number of attempts. 
• Apps – you can password-protect selected apps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information stored within your apps. 
• Back up your data – it’s always beneficial to connect your mobile device to your PC / Mac for data transfer. You can use the PC software to back up messages and contacts too. 
• Keep records of the date and place of purchase, IMEI number and serial number. Make sure your phone is registered too – this will speed up the process if you ever need to report theft. 
Remote Wipe App – we recommend installing an app that permits you to remotely wipe all your data if your mobile device is lost or stolen. 

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*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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