iOS8 Arrives In Autumn

iOS8 is the biggest iOS release to date, not just for developers but for everyone else. Apple states it is the most advanced mobile operating system ever, but what makes it so different? 

New iOS8 features: 
• You can edit and organise every photo you take on all devices. 
• Immediate photo editing tools. 
• You can add your voice into a text message.
• You can easily share your location via message. 
• Typing made easier with suggestions of appropriate words; it recognises whether you’re in mail or messages to accommodate for the change in tone.
• iPhone, iPad and Mac will be connected like never before – you’ll be able to start an email on one device and continue it on another. 
• Your health and fitness apps can now communicate with each other, and your trainer and even your doctor. 
• Families will love ‘Family Sharing’ – a new functionality making it easy for up to 6 to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. 
• Time-saving features for managing your mail. 
• Shortcuts to the people you talk to the most. 

The new iOS8 will be compatible with: 
 - iPhone 4s 
- iPhone 5 
- iPhone 5c 
- iPhone 5s 
- iPod touch (5th generation) 
- iPad 2 
- iPad (3rd generation) 
- iPad (4th generation) 
- iPad Air 
- iPad mini 
- iPad mini with Retina display 

Instead of a dramatic redesign, iOS8 will tie everything together in a seamless update. Rumours are currently circulating that the update will come at the same time as iPhone 6 and new products like the iWatch. 

Developers can get their hands on iOS8 right now, but the rest of us have to wait a few months for the official release, which is expected to happen in September. Perhaps the most innovative feature that has got us well and truly excited here at HQ, is that users will be able to scan in their bank card using the device’s camera. This will eliminate for human error and save people a fair amount of time typing numerous digits into the page! 

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