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Washing machine repairs are notoriously expensive, but the good news is that washing machines are generally built to last.

A machine that washes one load per day should last around 14 years, on average. But there are obviously going to be wide variances between brands as well price bands.

When you’re looking for a new machine, it’s a good idea to look at online reviews and comparisons. Large-scale surveys of existing users can also help you to see how machines perform in the real world.

Washing Machine Comparison

When you’re researching a type of appliance, finding reviews and consumer reports is always the best starting point.

Consumer Reports surveyed its readers and gathered data about more than 76,000 machines that were purchased between 2007-2017. It measured lots of factors, including whether the machine would break within the first five years.

It found that Miele and LG were the most reliable brands in its survey. This is hardly surprising, given that both are consistently more expensive than the brands you see in January sales.

It’s always worth checking which manufacturers are linked when comparing reliability. Among the least reliable were Whirlpool machines, which are linked to the Hotpoint and Indesit brands.

Which? also gives Bosch good grades, despite the fact that its machines don’t appear in budget sales very often. So how much should you spend to make your purchase worthwhile?

Washing Machines That Are Cheap

You might think that it’s best to buy a cheap machine and then ditch it once it breaks, but that’s usually going to be a false economy.

Washing machines use a lot of energy, and the cheapest machines will cost you more in electricity than they save you on the initial purchase price.

It’s also very likely that your cheap machine will break down more frequently. As with any other appliance, you do get what you pay for in most cases.

reliable washing machine in the middle of a clothes wash in a utility room

If the washer is going to be used occasionally -- say, in a holiday apartment -- a cheap one will do the job if you’re willing to repair it when the warranty runs out.

But if it’s your family machine at home, the wear and tear will be much greater, and you would probably be best off investing a little more in a quality brand -- even if you don’t buy the most expensive model in the range.

Getting the Most From Your Machine

In order to make the most of your washer, you need to look after it.

Two things are vital: getting the machine serviced, and getting it insured.

Washing machine insurance allows you to get your machine repaired quickly and without fuss if something goes wrong. Look for a plan that offers 24/7 online account management so you can log a claim whenever you need to. lets you make a claim more than once in each policy year, with a low excess and the ability to make flexible payments.

Whether you have an economical brand or a top of the range machine, good quality insurance will protect you from expensive repair bills. Get a quote today from

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