Most Reliable Car in the UK for 2020

No car owner would knowingly choose an unreliable vehicle. For reasons of safety, value for money and simply trusting your car’s ability to get you from A to B without any hassle, reliability matters.

But what are the most reliable cars on our roads? With dozens of manufacturers jostling for position trying to sell hundreds of different models of car, that’s not an easy question to answer. Every car maker claims their vehicles are supremely reliable, for obvious reasons. And while there are plenty of independent studies carried out to assess reliability, they all seem to come out with different answers as to which marques breakdown the least .

Not very helpful for anyone trying to pick out a reliable new car purchase.

To help out, we’ve had a look at three of the most referred-to studies in the UK - the Reliability Index, the What Car? Reliability Survey and Car Buyer’s Driver Power survey - to pick out the names that are rated highest across all three. On that basis, here’s our perspective on the top three most reliable cars you can currently purchase in the UK.

Hyundai i Series

most reliable cars hyundai series car in showroom

The Hyundai i Series spans a broad range of hatchback types and budgets, from small city runarounds to sporty sedan-type designs. But one thing they all have in common is impressive ratings for reliability. Both the i10 and i20 make the current top 10 of the Reliability Index, at positions six and eight respectively. The i10 ranks fifth in the City and Small Car category of the latest What Car? Reliability Survey, with an overall reliability rating of 97.6%. The i30, meanwhile, appears in third place in the Family Car category with a similar rating of 97.7%. Overall, given how consistently all i Series models seem to perform across different surveys, we would have to conclude that these are currently the most reliable cars available in the UK.

Honda Jazz

most reliable cars in the Uk Honda Jazz showroom car parked outside showroom

The Honda Jazz outperforms both the Hyundai i10 and i20 in the What Car? City and Small Car category, achieving second place with an impressive 93.8% rating. If you want further confirmation of how trustworthy this popular small car is, look no further than the Reliability Index, where it again pips both the i10 and i20 with a fifth-placed ranking overall.

Volvo XC40

Most Reliable Car UK car Volvo outside showroom Volvo XC40

One of the difficulties in comparing different reliability surveys is that different studies seem to have clear biases to different types of car. The Reliability Index, for example, clearly favours smaller vehicles, while the Car Buyer Driver Power survey comes out very much in the pro-SUV camp. In the interests of balance, therefore, here’s an offering from the latter. The Driver Power survey ranks the Volvo XC40 as the most reliable vehicle out there full stop, with a 98% reliability rating from owners. The fact that it also ranks second in the What Car? Family SUV category, with a rating of 98.4%, is good enough for us to include it here.

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