TVs have always been expensive, but there’s a huge range between the most basic sets and the latest smart TVs. If you’re into 4K content, and you want to have access to streaming services, you could easily splash out a four-figure sum on your perfect TV. Likewise, gamers are typically very picky about the displays they use.

As our TVs become more expensive, they are also becoming less sturdy; look around in electronics stores, and you’ll see some that are no thicker than a pencil. If something goes wrong, you’ll need a professional to get it working again. Does your insurance policy measure up?

TV Repair Facts and Figures

The brand you choose will play a part in the longevity of your TV. According to Which?, one in five of the worst-performing brand TVs will conk out in the first five years.

That’s an astonishing failure rate for something so expensive.

Which? has also published some interesting facts and figures about the things that typically go wrong with TV sets:

      23% of faults are to do with the on-screen picture quality

      Users also commonly report problems with the software on the TV -- the second most common problem

      Sound problems are another common complaint, coming in third in the Which? survey.

If your TV’s performance is anything less than perfect, you’ll be left footing the bill for a repair or replacement.

Repairs vs TV Insurance

If you’ve already paid a fortune for a high-end OLED TV, or you’ve splashed the cash on a smart TV, the last thing you want is an unexpected repair bill. But unfortunately, electronics break down with no prior warning all too often.

And now that our TVs run their own software, they’re like computers; problems can suddenly develop after an update that is beyond your control. And some TVs have cheap components that simply aren’t up to long-term use.

The cost of repairing a new TV could run into hundreds of pounds.

TV insurance is designed to protect your valuable item against the cost of a repair, and get your set up and running again quickly. If you’re in the middle of a season on Netflix, the last thing you want is a long wait while you save up.

If your TV can’t be economically repaired, you may be provided with a brand new replacement. And if you’d struggle to replace your TV yourself, that’s a good sign that you need to insure your unit.

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Once you buy your policy, you’re covered for faults or total breakdowns, and we’ll either replace or repair your set if a fault occurs.

If your TV is beyond repair, we aim to replace within 24 hours, and we collect your broken set for free. The new ones delivered free as well.

Don’t leave it to chance: cover your TV today, and avoid an expensive repair if something goes wrong. The team at are here to help you cover all of your household gadgets with flexible payments.

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