Mobile Phone Insurance Exclusions

Taking out insurance on your phone should give you all the peace of mind you need. After all, shouldn’t phone insurance do what it says on this tin? This is true, but sadly there are often a lot of misconceptions surrounding what you are likely to be covered for. So here are some common phone insurance exclusions you need to be aware of.

Theft and Theft by Force
Many policies cover phones for theft, but you should always bear in mind that this is often only in case of ‘theft by force’ (for example, having a phone stolen from a locked car). Be aware too, that you must always report a phone crime within a specified time, normally 24 hours.

Generally, loss of a phone is only covered if the phone has not been left unattended. For example, leaving a phone on a bus or train is not a situation you can claim for.

Water Damage
Many phones are damaged after falling into water, so insurers will often exclude phones with water or liquid damage from claims.

Abuse and Neglect
Whilst accidental damage is standard, the insurer will expect you take all reasonable care of your phone. For example, leaving your phone on the bonnet of a car and driving off would not be considered as ‘reasonable care.’

Age of Phone
To insure a phone, it must normally be new or below 12 months old. If a phone is discovered to beolder, this can invalidate any claim.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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