Internet-connectivity is coming to an inanimate object near you…

No, this isn’t a voice-over for the latest Hollywood blockbuster, it’s a fact. But you already knew that, maybe from a tweet or Facebook post viewed on your mobile phone.

Putting you in control
With the smartphone becoming a comfortable extension of our hand, it makes perfect sense for it to be the control centre of our universe. Of course we’re referring to our own personal universe, not the universe that attracts the attention of Dr Brian Cox.

Getting smarter
Previously, home appliances that kept our food beautifully chilled or heated it up super fast did only that. But now; or at least in the very near future, fridges and microwaves have and will become smart. Or smarter, thus elevating their status in our worlds.

And with that, we will become master and commander (not in a Russell Crowe way you understand) of said appliances using our trusty smartphones.

The upside
Not only do today’s ultra smart fridges keep our food at the appropriate temperature, they let us know when we’re out of bread, milk and other food items stored in their intelligent interiors. You can even do your food shopping via their touch-screens and schedule it for delivery. Smartphone apps allow you to access your fridge’s food database on the go to check whether you have the correct ingredients for your recipe of choice. If only it could ask your oven to whip up something for dinner. Give it a few years and it will.

Taking it one step further and giving you the flexibility to turn other home appliances into smart devices are digitalSTROM’s connector blocks. These clever smartphone-enabled blocks, that resemble LEGO, attach to your appliance’s power source and significantly up their IQ. Well, allow you to control certain aspects via a smartphone app at least.

The downside
However, with all good things there’s often a downside. Smart appliances benefit from software upgrades just like your laptop and mobile devices, which means they can become sluggish due to the constant barrage of new data.

They’re also hackable and prone to infection courtesy of their connection to the Internet. A fridge, yes a fridge, was part of a gang of home appliances that were hacked and infected by a ‘botnet’ during December 2013 and January 2014. Along with multi-media centres, televisions and home-networking routers, the fridge helped deliver 750,000+ malicious emails, as well as carrying out its daily smart duties.

On another note…
Personally we worry for those who have a tendency to fall in love with inanimate objects. It’s known as object sexuality. With the additional tasks associated with their ‘smart’ status, surely these appliances will be preoccupied? And we all know what happens when a person feels ignored in a relationship.

Smart protection
If your smartphone’s going to play an active role in tomorrow’s world, it’s worth protecting. Mobile phone insurance is available from as little as £1.49 – need we say more?

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