iPhone 5 Insurance

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Insure your phone today and get protected from those nasty mishaps.

Protect Your iPhone 5 Today!

Losing your iPhone 5 can be like losing a limb! Make sure that you're not without yours by ensuring that your phone is safe and sound by buying iPhone 5 insurance today.

Why Use Row?

We created our iPhone 5 insurance cover so that everyone with an iPhone 5 could benefit from great cover at a great price. We provide some of the best cover against accidental, electrical and mechanical damage from just £4.99 a month for your precious phone. Paying for your iPhone 5 insurance annually will get you 5% off, or even 20% off if you cover 4 gadgets or more on an annual basis. Adding loss, theft and unauthorised call cover is just £1 extra a month.

Keeping Your iPhone 5 Safe – Tips & Tricks

Top tips for keeping your phone safe:

  • Put a case on it if you can – there are lots to choose from don't you know? Our MD has one with pencils on it. Get it? Pencil case! Awful we know.
  • Keep your phone in an inside pocket or a bag with a strap when you're out and about.
  • Lock your iPhone when you're not using it.
  • Keep your system updated using the automated update software package.
  • Keep it on your person whenever you can.
  • Put a screen protector on it.
  • Register your phone with your network provider.
  • Hold over your iPhone 5 over water, what are you thinking!
  • Install software that you're not sure about.
  • Leave it in your car in a visible place, not good.
  • Set your phone down without being in arms reach, fingernail reach is better.
  • Drop it... why would you do that to your poor phone? Love it!

What We Cover

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iPhone Insurance
iPhone insurance worth shouting from the rooftops about, all from just £3.99 a month. Review our cover compared to competitors now to get the best deal!
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